India – Air Pollution Knowledge Assessment (APnA) city program

The APnA “Air Pollution Knowledge Assessment” city program is designed to provide a starting point for understanding air pollution and present a clear picture of the state of air pollution in Indian cities.

Air Pollution knowledge AssessmentsInformation and data are prerequisites for an effective Air Quality Management (AQM) plan. This means having information on (a) what is the level of pollution (monitoring trends) (b) which areas are the most polluted (spatial trends) (c) who is contributing to this pollution (source trends) (d) when do pollution levels peak (temporal trends) and (e) what are the options we have to reduce pollution (control trends). This involves creating a detailed information database that includes pulling together data from disparate sources, surveys, mapping and atmospheric modeling. Deciding on policy options based on this information and implementing them effectively is the next step.

20 city reports released in 2017 [Agra] [Amritsar] [Bengaluru] [Bhopal] [Bhubaneswar] [Chandigarh] [Chennai] [Coimbatore] [Dehra Dun] [Indore] [Jaipur] [Kanpur] [Kochi] [Ludhiana] [Nagpur] [Patna] [Pune] [Raipur] [Ranchi] [Varanasi]

30 city reports released in 2019 [Agartala] [Ahmedabad] [Allahabad] [Asansol-Durgapur] [Aurangabad] [Dharwad-Hubli] [Dhanbad-Bokaro] [Gaya] [Guwahati-Dispur] [Gwalior] [Hyderabad] [Jamshedpur] [Jodhpur] [Kolkata-Howrah] [Kota] [Lucknow] [Madurai] [Mumbai] [Nashik] [Panjim-Vasco-Margao] [Puducherry] [Rajkot] [Shimla] [Srinagar] [Surat] [Thiruvananthapuram] [Tiruchirapalli] [Vadodara] [Vijayawada-Guntur] [Visakhapatnam]

Journal article in Urban Climate (2019) details the methodology used for this analysis.

Data Sources Methodology Leaflets

Click on the map for city specific information on emissions, meteorology and source specific pollution concentrations.

Cities under the APnA program in India

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APnA IndiaAPnA30 Poster Emissions APnA IndiaAPnA30 Poster Concentrations APnA IndiaAPnA30 Poster Built-Up Area APnA IndiaAPnA30 Poster Traffic

[Summary report (2017)]
[Summary report (2019)]
[Quick look leaflets]
[Summary of monthly concentrations and source contributions by city]
[journal article (2014) – Nature of air pollution, emission sources, and management in Indian cities]
[Journal article (2019) – Air pollution knowledge assessments (APnA) for 20 Indian cities]
[Poster of APnA city program]
[Supplementary Info – India NAMP manual station data for 2011-2015] [Data reference]
[Supplementary Info – India model-satellite-data derived district level PM2.5 for 1998-2016] [Data reference]
[Supplementary Info – No.of monitors required by state]
[Supplementary Info – No.of monitors required by district]

Data Sources We would like to thank the Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation (Delhi, India) for their support towards this program in 2017 (Phase 1) and 2019 (Phase 2). All the analysis and results are sole responsibility of the authors