India NCAP – City Airsheds

NCAP Airshed InformationUpdated: March, 2023

131 NCAP non-attainment cities are grouped into 104 airsheds. Of these airsheds, 73 contain only one city; 18 contain two cities, and nine contain three cities. Four airsheds – Delhi, Mumbai, Indore, and Chandigarh contain 10, 8, 5, and 5 cities respectively. An additional 33 cities, not on the NCAP list are also part of these airsheds.

Visualize the airshed grid extent on OpenStreetMaps (here).

Download full resolution animation: here (or click on the image)

In the table, the grid details of the airshed are presented as a Google Earth enabled KML file and also as a CSV file with data on grid no. (starting with the southwest corner going left to right and bottom to top), SW and NE corners and mid-points of each grid, and grid area in

Journal Article on airshed designation process and monitoring needs (2023):  here
Journal article with review of NCAP action plans (2020): here

S.No.StateAirshedAirshed Size (0.01 deg grids)Google Earth KML fileExcel File with Details
1Andhra Pradesh Anantapur30 x 30KMLCSV
2Andhra Pradesh Chitoor30 x 30KMLCSV
3Andhra Pradesh Eluru30 x 30KMLCSV
4Andhra Pradesh Gunturin Vijayawada
5Andhra Pradesh Kadapa30 x 30KMLCSV
6Andhra Pradesh Kurnool30 x 30KMLCSV
7Andhra Pradesh Nellore30 x 30KMLCSV
8Andhra Pradesh Ongole30 x 30KMLCSV
9Andhra Pradesh Rajahmundry30 x 30KMLCSV
10Andhra Pradesh Srikakulam30 x 30KMLCSV
11Andhra Pradesh Vijayawada50 x 50KMLCSV
12Andhra Pradesh Vishakhapatnam50 x 50KMLCSV
13Andhra Pradesh Vizianagaram30 x 30KMLCSV
14Assam Guwahati40 x 30KMLCSV
15Assam Nagaon30 x 30KMLCSV
16Assam Nalbari30 x 30KMLCSV
17Assam Sibsagar30 x 30KMLCSV
18Assam Silchar30 x 30KMLCSV
19Bihar Gaya30 x 30KMLCSV
20Bihar Muzaffarpur30 x 30KMLCSV
21Bihar Patna60 x 40KMLCSV
22Chandigarh Chandigarh50 x 40KMLCSV
23Chhattisgarh Bhilaiin Raipur
24Chhattisgarh Korba40 x 40KMLCSV
25Chhattisgarh Raipur60 x 30KMLCSV
26Delhi Delhi100 x 100KMLCSV
27Gujarat Ahmedabad50 x 50KMLCSV
28Gujarat Rajkot30 x 30KMLCSV
29Gujarat Surat50 x 50KMLCSV
30Gujarat Vadodara30 x 30KMLCSV
31Haryana Faridabadin Delhi
32Himachal PradeshBaddiin Nalagrah
33Himachal PradeshDamtalin Pathankot
34Himachal PradeshKalaAmb30 x 30KMLCSV
35Himachal PradeshNalagarh30 x 30KMLCSV
36Himachal PradeshPaontaSahib20 x 20KMLCSV
37Himachal PradeshParwanooin Chandigarh
38Himachal PradeshSunderNagar20 x 20KMLCSV
39Jammu & KashmirJammu30 x 30KMLCSV
40Jammu & KashmirSrinagar30 x 30KMLCSV
41Jharkhand Dhanbad60 x 40KMLCSV
42Jharkhand Jamshedpur40 x 40KMLCSV
43Jharkhand Ranchi40 x 40KMLCSV
44Karnataka Bangalore60 x 60KMLCSV
45Karnataka Devanagere30 x 30KMLCSV
46Karnataka Gulburga30 x 30KMLCSV
47Karnataka Hubli-Dharwad30 x 30KMLCSV
48Madhya Pradesh Bhopal40 x 40KMLCSV
49Madhya Pradesh Dewasin Indore
50Madhya Pradesh Gwalior30 x 30KMLCSV
51Madhya Pradesh Indore80 x 80KMLCSV
52Madhya Pradesh Jabalpur40 x 40KMLCSV
53Madhya Pradesh Sagar30 x 30KMLCSV
54Madhya Pradesh Ujjainin Indore
55Maharashtra Akola30 x 30KMLCSV
56Maharashtra Amravati30 x 30KMLCSV
57Maharashtra Aurangabad40 x 40KMLCSV
58Maharashtra Badlapurin Mumbai
59Maharashtra Chandrapur30 x 30KMLCSV
60Maharashtra Jalgaon30 x 30KMLCSV
61Maharashtra Jalna30 x 30KMLCSV
62Maharashtra Kolhapur60 x 40KMLCSV
63Maharashtra Latur30 x 30KMLCSV
64Maharashtra Mumbai80 x 80KMLCSV
65Maharashtra Nagpur40 x 40KMLCSV
66Maharashtra Nashik40 x 40KMLCSV
67Maharashtra NaviMumbaiin Mumbai
68Maharashtra Pune40 x 40KMLCSV
69Maharashtra Sangliin Kolhapur
70Maharashtra Solapur30 x 30KMLCSV
71Maharashtra Thanein Mumbai
72Maharashtra Ulhasnagarin Mumbai
73Maharashtra Vasai_Virarin Mumbai
74Meghalaya Byrnihatin Guwahati
75Nagaland Dimapur30 x 30KMLCSV
76Nagaland Kohima30 x 30KMLCSV
77Orissa Angul40 x 40KMLCSV
78Orissa Balasore30 x 30KMLCSV
79Orissa Bhubaneswar40 x 40KMLCSV
80Orissa Cuttackin Bhubaneswar
81Orissa KalingaNagarin Bhubaneswar
82Orissa Rourkela30 x 30KMLCSV
83Orissa Talcherin Angul
84Punjab Amritsar40 x 40KMLCSV
85Punjab DeraBassiin Chandigarh
86Punjab Gobindgarhin Khanna
87Punjab Jalandhar40 x 40KMLCSV
88Punjab Khanna30 x 30KMLCSV
89Punjab Ludhiana40 x 40KMLCSV
90Punjab NayaNangal30 x 30KMLCSV
91Punjab Pathankot30 x 30KMLCSV
92Punjab Patiala60 x 40KMLCSV
93Rajasthan Alwar30 x 30KMLCSV
94Rajasthan Jaipur40 x 40KMLCSV
95Rajasthan Jodhpur40 x 40KMLCSV
96Rajasthan Kota30 x 30KMLCSV
97Rajasthan Udaipur30 x 30KMLCSV
98Tamilnadu Chennai50 x 50KMLCSV
99Tamilnadu Madurai30 x 30KMLCSV
100Tamilnadu Thoothukudi40 x 40KMLCSV
101Tamilnadu Trichy30 x 30KMLCSV
102Telangana Hyderabad80 x 50KMLCSV
103Telangana Nalgonda30 x 30KMLCSV
104Telangana Patancheruvuin Hyderabad
105Telangana Sangareddyin Hyderabad
106Uttar Pradesh Agra40 x 40KMLCSV
107Uttar Pradesh Allahabad40 x 40KMLCSV
108Uttar Pradesh Anpara40 x 40KMLCSV
109Uttar Pradesh Bareily30 x 30KMLCSV
110Uttar Pradesh Firozabad30 x 30KMLCSV
111Uttar Pradesh Gajraula30 x 30KMLCSV
112Uttar Pradesh Ghaziabadin Delhi
113Uttar Pradesh Gorakhpur30 x 30KMLCSV
114Uttar Pradesh Jhansi30 x 30KMLCSV
115Uttar Pradesh Kanpur40 x 40KMLCSV
116Uttar Pradesh Khurja30 x 30KMLCSV
117Uttar Pradesh Lucknow60 x 60KMLCSV
118Uttar Pradesh Meerut30 x 30KMLCSV
119Uttar Pradesh Moradabad30 x 30KMLCSV
120Uttar Pradesh Noidain Delhi
121Uttar Pradesh Raebareli30 x 30KMLCSV
122Uttar Pradesh Varanasi40 x 40KMLCSV
123Uttarakhand Dehradun30 x 30KMLCSV
124Uttarakhand Kashipur30 x 30KMLCSV
125Uttarakhand Rishikesh30 x 30KMLCSV
126West Bengal Asansol60 x 40KMLCSV
127West Bengal Barrackporein Kolkata
128West Bengal Durgapurin Asansol
129West Bengal Haldia40 x 40KMLCSV
130West Bengal Howrahin Kolkata
131West Bengal Kolkata60 x 60KMLCSV