Delhi Air Quality InformationUrbanEmissions.info was founded in 2007 with the vision to be a repository of information, research, and analysis related to air pollution.

Air pollution is a growing problem in most cities in the world, with a direct link to our health. However there is weak institutional capacity to address this issue in an integrated manner, because there is little in the way of an organized knowledge base or development/application of analytical tools that may help support pollution control planning. Most available tools are complex (state-of-the-art) and data-intensive (multi-purpose) and there is a need for a new generation of tools that can be applied, which takes into account the availability of information, form of information, and institutional challenges.

There is also a need to rapidly scale-up applications to the secondary and the tertiary cities which are following in the foot steps of the expanding mega-cities. Advances in information technology, open-data resources, and networking, offers a tremendous opportunity to establish such tools, to help city managers, regulators, academia, and citizen groups to develop a coordinated approach for integrated air quality management for a city.

UrbanEmissions.Info, has four objectives:

  • sharing knowledge on air pollution
  • science based air quality analysis
  • advocacy and awareness raising on air quality management and
  • building partnerships among local, national, and international air-heads

In Focus

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A day-to-day air pollution forecasting portal for the Greater Delhi region

Delhi Air Quality InformationA day-to-day air pollution forecasting portal for all Indian districts

Air Pollution Knowledge Assessments (APnA) city program (2017-)
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The three kinds of people we need to fight India’s air pollution problem
Op-Ed in the WIRE (2019)
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India leads the way: A health centered strategy for air pollution
Editorial in Environmental Health Perspectives (2016) Download
[Steering committee report by MoHFW, on air pollution and health related issues in India]

The Hindu, Op-Ed, March 22nd, 2015
The polluted air we breathe