India NCAP – Reanalyzed Annual Average PM2.5 Concentrations 1998-2022

NCAP Airshed InformationUpdated: April, 2024

131 NCAP non-attainment cities are grouped into 104 airsheds. Of these airsheds, 73 contain only one city; 18 contain two cities, and nine contain three cities. Four airsheds – Delhi, Mumbai, Indore, and Chandigarh contain 10, 8, 5, and 5 cities respectively. An additional 33 cities, not on the NCAP list are also part of these airsheds.

In the table below, for each of the designated airsheds, reanalyzed PM2.5 concentrations were extracted from WUSTL version-4 database available at 0.01 degree resolution for the period of 1998 to 2022 (25 years). Below:

  • The CSV file contains annual average data (in µg/m3) at the grid level (airshed grid information is available here)
  • Image is a composite of 9 years for reference.

Reanalyzed PM2.5 concentrations data (in µg/m3) is also available for the Indian Subcontinent covering the area between 67-99° longitudes and 7-39° latitudes at 0.1° grid resolution

  • [Link] to global database (v4) at WUSTL
  • Gridded (csv) annual averages for 1998 to 2022 [download file – 3MB]
  • Gridded (csv) monthly averages for 1998 to 2022 [download file – 44MB]
  • For annual averages only [download calculator] to extract 0.1° data for 3 x 3 grids around the city center and plot the averages for 1998 to 2022 (user needs to activate MS-Excel macros)

Download airshed size information and associated GIS files here.

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Reanalyzed PM2.5 Concentrations @0.01deg Resolution (1998-2022)

S.No.StateAirshedAirshed Size (0.01 deg grids)CSV fileMap Composite
1Andhra Pradesh Anantapur30 x 30CSVIMAGE
2Andhra Pradesh Chitoor30 x 30CSVIMAGE
3Andhra Pradesh Eluru30 x 30CSVIMAGE
4Andhra Pradesh Gunturin Vijayawada
5Andhra Pradesh Kadapa30 x 30CSVIMAGE
6Andhra Pradesh Kurnool30 x 30CSVIMAGE
7Andhra Pradesh Nellore30 x 30CSVIMAGE
8Andhra Pradesh Ongole30 x 30CSVIMAGE
9Andhra Pradesh Rajahmundry30 x 30CSVIMAGE
10Andhra Pradesh Srikakulam30 x 30CSVIMAGE
11Andhra Pradesh Vijayawada50 x 50CSVIMAGE
12Andhra Pradesh Vishakhapatnam50 x 50CSVIMAGE
13Andhra Pradesh Vizianagaram30 x 30CSVIMAGE
14Assam Guwahati40 x 30CSVIMAGE
15Assam Nagaon30 x 30CSVIMAGE
16Assam Nalbari30 x 30CSVIMAGE
17Assam Sibsagar30 x 30CSVIMAGE
18Assam Silchar30 x 30CSVIMAGE
19Bihar Gaya30 x 30CSVIMAGE
20Bihar Muzaffarpur30 x 30CSVIMAGE
21Bihar Patna60 x 40CSVIMAGE
22Chandigarh Chandigarh50 x 40CSVIMAGE
23Chhattisgarh Bhilaiin Raipur
24Chhattisgarh Korba40 x 40CSVIMAGE
25Chhattisgarh Raipur60 x 30CSVIMAGE
26Delhi Delhi100 x 100CSVIMAGE
27Gujarat Ahmedabad50 x 50CSVIMAGE
28Gujarat Rajkot30 x 30CSVIMAGE
29Gujarat Surat50 x 50CSVIMAGE
30Gujarat Vadodara30 x 30CSVIMAGE
31Haryana Faridabadin Delhi
32Himachal PradeshBaddiin Nalagrah
33Himachal PradeshDamtalin Pathankot
34Himachal PradeshKalaAmb30 x 30CSVIMAGE
35Himachal PradeshNalagarh30 x 30CSVIMAGE
36Himachal PradeshPaontaSahib20 x 20CSVIMAGE
37Himachal PradeshParwanooin Chandigarh
38Himachal PradeshSunderNagar20 x 20CSVIMAGE
39Jammu & KashmirJammu30 x 30CSVIMAGE
40Jammu & KashmirSrinagar30 x 30CSVIMAGE
41Jharkhand Dhanbad60 x 40CSVIMAGE
42Jharkhand Jamshedpur40 x 40CSVIMAGE
43Jharkhand Ranchi40 x 40CSVIMAGE
44Karnataka Bangalore60 x 60CSVIMAGE
45Karnataka Devanagere30 x 30CSVIMAGE
46Karnataka Gulburga30 x 30CSVIMAGE
47Karnataka Hubli-Dharwad30 x 30CSVIMAGE
48Madhya Pradesh Bhopal40 x 40CSVIMAGE
49Madhya Pradesh Dewasin Indore
50Madhya Pradesh Gwalior30 x 30CSVIMAGE
51Madhya Pradesh Indore80 x 80CSVIMAGE
52Madhya Pradesh Jabalpur40 x 40CSVIMAGE
53Madhya Pradesh Sagar30 x 30CSVIMAGE
54Madhya Pradesh Ujjainin Indore
55Maharashtra Akola30 x 30CSVIMAGE
56Maharashtra Amravati30 x 30CSVIMAGE
57Maharashtra Aurangabad40 x 40CSVIMAGE
58Maharashtra Badlapurin Mumbai
59Maharashtra Chandrapur30 x 30CSVIMAGE
60Maharashtra Jalgaon30 x 30CSVIMAGE
61Maharashtra Jalna30 x 30CSVIMAGE
62Maharashtra Kolhapur60 x 40CSVIMAGE
63Maharashtra Latur30 x 30CSVIMAGE
64Maharashtra Mumbai80 x 80CSVIMAGE
65Maharashtra Nagpur40 x 40CSVIMAGE
66Maharashtra Nashik40 x 40CSVIMAGE
67Maharashtra NaviMumbaiin Mumbai
68Maharashtra Pune40 x 40CSVIMAGE
69Maharashtra Sangliin Kolhapur
70Maharashtra Solapur30 x 30CSVIMAGE
71Maharashtra Thanein Mumbai
72Maharashtra Ulhasnagarin Mumbai
73Maharashtra Vasai_Virarin Mumbai
74Meghalaya Byrnihatin Guwahati
75Nagaland Dimapur30 x 30CSVIMAGE
76Nagaland Kohima30 x 30CSVIMAGE
77Orissa Angul40 x 40CSVIMAGE
78Orissa Balasore30 x 30CSVIMAGE
79Orissa Bhubaneswar40 x 40CSVIMAGE
80Orissa Cuttackin Bhubaneswar
81Orissa KalingaNagarin Bhubaneswar
82Orissa Rourkela30 x 30CSVIMAGE
83Orissa Talcherin Angul
84Punjab Amritsar40 x 40CSVIMAGE
85Punjab DeraBassiin Chandigarh
86Punjab Gobindgarhin Khanna
87Punjab Jalandhar40 x 40CSVIMAGE
88Punjab Khanna30 x 30CSVIMAGE
89Punjab Ludhiana40 x 40CSVIMAGE
90Punjab NayaNangal30 x 30CSVIMAGE
91Punjab Pathankot30 x 30CSVIMAGE
92Punjab Patiala60 x 40CSVIMAGE
93Rajasthan Alwar30 x 30CSVIMAGE
94Rajasthan Jaipur40 x 40CSVIMAGE
95Rajasthan Jodhpur40 x 40CSVIMAGE
96Rajasthan Kota30 x 30CSVIMAGE
97Rajasthan Udaipur30 x 30CSVIMAGE
98Tamilnadu Chennai50 x 50CSVIMAGE
99Tamilnadu Madurai30 x 30CSVIMAGE
100Tamilnadu Thoothukudi40 x 40CSVIMAGE
101Tamilnadu Trichy30 x 30CSVIMAGE
102Telangana Hyderabad80 x 50CSVIMAGE
103Telangana Nalgonda30 x 30CSVIMAGE
104Telangana Patancheruvuin Hyderabad
105Telangana Sangareddyin Hyderabad
106Uttar Pradesh Agra40 x 40CSVIMAGE
107Uttar Pradesh Allahabad40 x 40CSVIMAGE
108Uttar Pradesh Anpara40 x 40CSVIMAGE
109Uttar Pradesh Bareily30 x 30CSVIMAGE
110Uttar Pradesh Firozabad30 x 30CSVIMAGE
111Uttar Pradesh Gajraula30 x 30CSVIMAGE
112Uttar Pradesh Ghaziabadin Delhi
113Uttar Pradesh Gorakhpur30 x 30CSVIMAGE
114Uttar Pradesh Jhansi30 x 30CSVIMAGE
115Uttar Pradesh Kanpur40 x 40CSVIMAGE
116Uttar Pradesh Khurja30 x 30CSVIMAGE
117Uttar Pradesh Lucknow60 x 60CSVIMAGE
118Uttar Pradesh Meerut30 x 30CSVIMAGE
119Uttar Pradesh Moradabad30 x 30CSVIMAGE
120Uttar Pradesh Noidain Delhi
121Uttar Pradesh Raebareli30 x 30CSVIMAGE
122Uttar Pradesh Varanasi40 x 40CSVIMAGE
123Uttarakhand Dehradun30 x 30CSVIMAGE
124Uttarakhand Kashipur30 x 30CSVIMAGE
125Uttarakhand Rishikesh30 x 30CSVIMAGE
126West Bengal Asansol60 x 40CSVIMAGE
127West Bengal Barrackporein Kolkata
128West Bengal Durgapurin Asansol
129West Bengal Haldia40 x 40CSVIMAGE
130West Bengal Howrahin Kolkata
131West Bengal Kolkata60 x 60CSVIMAGE