Visualization of Weather Patterns in India by District

Weather Patterns in Indian DistrictsWe processed the NCEP Reanalysis global meteorological fields through the 3D-WRF meteorological model for the Indian Subcontinent domain. A district-average summary for the year 2015, for all 640 districts (as per 2011 census) is presented here. This includes hourly surface wind speed, surface wind direction, precipitation, surface temperature, and mixing height – key parameters which determine the intensity of (horizontal and vertical) movement and (dry and wet) deposition of emissions in the region. A summary of these parameters for 50 airsheds is included in the Air Pollution knowledge Assessments (APnA) city program.

We also conduct 3-day meteorological forecast for the region covering the Indian Subcontinent and the National Capital Region of Delhi, updated everyday at ~7:00 PM (India Standard Time).

Select a state and a district to visualize the data for the year 2015 and download as a csv file. Data format is “year, month, day, hour, precipitation (mm/hour), mixing height (m), temperature (C), wind speed (m/sec), and wind direction (degrees).


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