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Air pollution has emerged as a major challenge in Delhi and the problem becomes more complex due to multiplicity and complexity of the mix of emission sources, such as, industries, automobiles, generator sets, domestic fuel burning, road side dust, construction activities, and regional contributions from outside the Greater Delhi area. To support Delhi’s air pollution modeling framework, we are publishing meteorological forecasts, conducted using the 3D-WRF meteorological model and the GFS meteorological fields, in four geographical nests (leading to the fine resolution of 0.01 degrees, ~1 km) at a temporal resolution of 1 hour, which is an integral feature of the 3D-WRF model. The designated modeling domain covering Delhi and its satellite cities extends 80 km in North to South and 80 km West to East. The meteorological data fields are updated everyday at ~8:00 PM local time.

72-hr Animations for surface wind speeds and direction, precipitation, surface temperature, and mixing layer height are presented here

Delhi Meteorology Delhi Meteorology Delhi Meteorology Delhi Meteorology

For more details, visit the Delhi air quality forecasting page. Additional data fields

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